All men Living & honoring Brotherhood

We are a nonprofit organization

contributing to worldwide peace and understanding by facilitating safe spaces for men.
Now is the time for men to fraternize. To awaken and show up in brotherhood

It is time for the masculine energy to take responsibility for life instead of blaming others or circumstances for the current situation. Nowadays many men have lost connection with themselves, their partner, others, nature and / or "the higher".

In order to grow, men need brothers. When we are amongst brothers, hidden parts emerge, parts that can only then be discovered and integrated. Without judgment, with love and understanding.


    Not only women, but also men are affected by domestic violence. The prejudice that men cannot be victims leads to much invisible misery. There is still a taboo on the subject and men are not quick to ask for help. Often their problems are overlooked or negated.

    Sexual orientation, domestic violence, honor killings, financial exploitation and human trafficking are not discussed in this way.


    Between 2008 and 2018, 19 in 20 adult prisoners in the EU were men.

    The average percentage of adult men prisoners was 95% from 2008 to 2013 and 94,8% from 2014 to 2018.

    There was a total of 495.000 prisoners in the EU in 2018.


    Worldwide, nearly 800,000 people take their own lives every year, compared with an average of 18 dead men for every 10 women. In Flanders, the ratio is ten women to twenty- five men, in the Netherlands ten women to twenty men.

    Next to that, suicide is the main cause of death amongst youngsters.

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Our missions

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Creating spaces for Self realization

We create and hold safe spaces for men to come together and practice as brothers, in a sanctuary of sacred brotherhood.

Here they can initiate, step up into their mature masculinity and use their life wounds as beacons to rediscover their uniqueness and their great purpose.

Healing the wounds of Brotherhood

To inspire, coach and hold space for leaders to embrace their true being, step over their limitations, go beyond their finite mind and sight, to unlock their greatness and unleash their power, shine their light and selflessly serve communities, institutions and humanity as a whole.

Mentoring the Next Generation

Hold space for young men, where they can pursue their greatness, uncovering their unique life-purpose from their Being.

Commit to support them, walking alongside on their great journey of initiation towards wholeness.

See them as the inspiring leaders of tomorrow.

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Harmen van Dijk
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Frederik Maarten Groenendijk

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Paul Aretz

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